Australian Swimming History

The Origins of Competetive Swimming in Australia Organised swimming in Australia originated in the late 19th century when coastal cities saw a surge in aquatic activities. Swimming clubs began to take shape, providing a structured approach to the sport. The Sydney Swimming Club emerged as one of the earliest organised swimming clubs globally in 1830, … Continue reading “Australian Swimming History”

Bush Walks on the Central Coast

Comprehensive Coverage of Bush Walks on the Central Coast of NSW This comprehensive list of maps includes beaches and streets as well as bush walks. All walks include a GPS map, followed while walking on the trails. The majority of the routes featured here include photos taken by recce groups from the Terrigal Trekkers, which … Continue reading “Bush Walks on the Central Coast”

Rugby Union History In Australia

Rugby Union History In Australia At the turn of the 19th century in Old Sydney Town, there was not a lot of entertainment happening in the city. Pursuing water, and food and keeping the so-called “Fellons” in line was foremost in the minds of the Governors and soldiers from the Hyde Park Barracks on Macquarie … Continue reading “Rugby Union History In Australia”

Crystal Trophies and Crystal Awards – Custom Trophies

Crystal Trophies Crystal Trophies were made thousands of years ago The Romans and, to some extent, the Greeks spearheaded the construction of monuments in their homeland. This initiative not only added architectural beauty but also reminded the citizens of the epic battles won abroad. In a way, it served as great advertising. Skilled craftsmen created … Continue reading “Crystal Trophies and Crystal Awards – Custom Trophies”

The background behind Football (Soccer).

Soccer was a game played in the ancient world using feet. The “ball” could be made of anything as long as it could be propelled by kicking it. There is some evidence that a game using the feet and a “ball” was played BCE in the Middle East and is well documented in ancient China. … Continue reading “The background behind Football (Soccer).”


What is a Trophy? A trophy is synonymous with being an actual gift from an organisation, recognising peak performance in sporting, academic and business fields. In antiquity BCE, ancient Greeks left battlefields in foreign and outlying regions decorated with effigy-like figures bearing shields, weapons and battle regalia. It is believed that this is the origin … Continue reading “Trophies”

Glass Trophies

Go directly to the glass awards and prices. Click here. Glass and Crystal engraving is an art form that has emerged in the trophy industry in Australia in recent decades.  However, the use of glass for decoration and home utensil use has been around for millennia. We have glass windows, cups, bowls and even glass … Continue reading “Glass Trophies”

2017 Touch Football and Oztag

Touch Football trophies have been uploaded to the website. The new resin oztag trophies are the best we have seen to date. The above trophy is one of the the newest in the range. Resin trophies start at $7.70. We have been in operation for over 40 years and in 2016 our website was upgraded so it … Continue reading “2017 Touch Football and Oztag”

2017 Surf Life Saving Trophies

New lifesaving  trophies have now been added to the Sydney Awards & Trophies website. Many new resins have been added. The above trophy is one of the the latest resin lifesaving trophy. Resin trophies start at $7.70. We cover a wide range of prices from $4.40, and have been supplying trophies for over 40 years. We are the most … Continue reading “2017 Surf Life Saving Trophies”

Netball 2017 Summer Range

The 2017 Netball trophies have now been added to the Sydney Awards & Trophies website. The new range includes some of the best looking award and trophies that we have seen for years. The above trophy is a newly designed resin trophy. Resin trophies start at $7.98. Sydney Awards & Trophies covers a wide range of prices from $4.40. We … Continue reading “Netball 2017 Summer Range”

Baseball 2017

The 2017 Baseball trophies have now been updated to the Sydney Awards & Trophies website. There are more baseball trophies now than ever. We cover a wide range of prices from $4.40. The above trophy is a newly designed resin trophy. Resin trophies start at $7.70. Click to go straight to the baseball page –  Baseball Trophies.  After 40 years we are … Continue reading “Baseball 2017”

Athletics 2017

The new range of 2017 Athletics trophies has now been added to Sydney Awards & Trophies website. There has been an increase in the number of track trophies while some new field event trophies have also been added. As usual we offer the athletic trophies and the new field event trophies to you, at Australia’s … Continue reading “Athletics 2017”


There has been a significant increase in the number of cricket trophies available for ladies’ cricket. We have now included all of these trophies into our range in the cricket page on our website. Most of the manufacturers of the trophies have responded to the increasing interest in women’s cricket, much of which is a … Continue reading “Cricket”

School Trophies

SCHOOL TROPHY CATEGORIES CLICK THE BELOW IMAGES ACADEMIC AND SCHOOL AWARDS WITH CUSTOM CREST AND LOGO Generic Resin Trophy with School Crest in 1″ insert holder.ogoSchool crests are now easier to add than in past years. Sydney Awards & Trophies have a variety of methods to manufacture your school or your organisation with an accurate … Continue reading “School Trophies”