Cricket Trophies


Junior cricketers learn resilience through participation

Your teammate has just got out by a great catch.  He had a good innings and gives a congratulatory nod to the catcher as he leaves the field. You pass each other and give a high five and positive words. It can be daunting walking out to the cricket pitch with all eyes on you. You are nervous but excited and you hear the clapping and encouragement from the spectators as you get ready to face the first fast ball.  You can feel your heart beating as the bowler lines up the stumps. You keep your eye on the ball as it hits the pitch and with precision you swing, the ball connects and races towards the outfield.  You pass your fellow batsman as you sprint to the other end of the pitch.  A single run is made…relief, it’s not a duck!  You relax a little now and get into the rhythm of the game. Cricket affords kids life lessons in resilience and teamwork.  One week they may walk off holding back tears after being bowled for a duck, but come back the next week and show their fighting spirit knowing they have a team behind them.  Cricket is great for friendship and community as well as exercise, concentration and fresh air. Cricket is also increasingly popular for girls, with the rising profile and success of the Australian Women’s cricket team.

Trophies for achievers and participants

Reward your junior and senior cricket players with our targeted range of cricket trophies and medals. Acknowledge achievements of your bowlers, wicket keepers, batters and fielders with representative trophies or generic cricket participation trophies.  Awards can be customised with club emblems and players' personal achievements.  In various sizes and shapes there are female and male trophies and the infamous duck trophy. If you are interested in playing cricket see Play Cricket.