Cricket Trophies


Male and Female Cricket Trophies are an important part of of the reward and incentive programmes of good coaches and staff.  We have been supplying Cricket Awards and Trophies  for more than 40 years. You will get the best trophies anywhere in Australia at the best price 1st time every time.

Junior Cricket Awards

It is important that junior cricket clubs have some criteria for cricket awards. As cricket awards for excellence are now used in most clubs the management criteria needs to be transparent.

Many Junior Cricket Clubs follow a formula such as:

  • For each 10 runs scored rounded – 1 point
  • For each wicket taken – 1.3 points
  • For each wicket keeping catch – 1 point
  • For each wicket keeping stumping – 1 point
  • For each fielding catch – 1 point
  • For each unassisted run out – 1 point

Awarding points is a good guide to the players who would merit a cricket trophy. Because the members and players are assured of a practical system, there will be acceptance of the award. This system is good for achievement trophies and excellence awards. As a result your major trophies are now organised. Don't forget that male and female cricket trophies are now available.

The staff at Sydney Awards & Trophies recommend these two categories.  Cricket Trophies and Perpetual Trophies.

Don't Forget Participation Awards

Reward your junior and senior cricket players with our targeted range of trophies and medals. Acknowledge achievements of your bowlers, wicket keepers, batters and fielders with representative trophies or generic cricket participation trophies.  Awards can be customised with club emblems and players' personal achievements.  In various sizes and shapes there are female and male trophies and the infamous duck trophy.

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