Education Trophies

Educating our population should be a top priority

We see now that children globally are required attend a school to be educated in order to comply with the laws of the nation. The structure of these schools has to meet normal criteria to justify its existence as a school. The last 100 years has been very productive in making sure that children, and adults alike can attain levels of knowledge that will ensure that they are competent citizens. The individual needs to have a good body of retained knowledge and practice wii create a competent person in the society.

Exploration and self directed play was the order in primitive cultures

Unlike playing for learning, during the hunter-gatherer time line, modern education requires more structured programming. Schools TAFEs and all tertiary  levels are meant to be aligned the with achievement and merit of their students. Reward and encouragement are now seen as a worthwhile tactic to improve performance. Not only does the student benefit from this but the Educational Institution does also. These days education is not as harsh as it once was. Learning is still children's work. Children are made to do that work, but the environment is less punitive. Play is encouraged and fun learning is popular. The "old" educational tool of rote learning or inculcation is not as prevalent.

Rewards and Meritorious Academic Achievement

Adult education is an enormous part of the total educative sector now. With viable sanctioned organisations offering skills and learning for older citizens. Some of this learning is purpose built to provide the tools for a new job or just for "Education per se" and the love of learning. Ideas for school, university and other awards are self evident. Personal learning achievers, for example the dux of a school, and distinction level marks at university. You can add many other elements to the mix as well. Students exhibiting observable character and community service have learned to use their education and self identity to provide much needed quality input for the betterment of their community. Sporting awards are also a highlight of any awards programme, particularly for schools. They can be sportsmanship awards, excelling at sport (viz. State Representatives) or simply participation in a hard cross country run.

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