Dance Trophies


Dancing is for everyone, for all ages and levels of experience and is a great way to meet people, get active and have fun, even if you have two left feet!  Dancing is a part of life with a resurgence over recent years with TV shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So you Think you can Dance”.   The internet is alive with dancing videos by past and present dance legends like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Chris Brown, just to name a few.   These and many more performers are inspirational to young, and not so young dancers who strive to masters the moves.

Trophies for dancing superstars

Reward those who perform on stage with enthusiasm and passion.  Sydney Awards and Trophies can add sparkle to your presentation events and your young entertainers will be excited to receive a dance trophy to recognise their hard work and dedication. If their talent is grooving to the beat and performing hip hop we have trophies for male and female.  Ballet and tap dance trophies are well represented with ballet and tap shoes and dancing figures, along with jazz, funk and contemporary dance trophies.  Reward acrobatic and cheerleading performances with a distinctive resin trophy.   We also have Irish dance and ballroom dance trophies. To reward participation there are a range of cheap but quality generic dance trophies or medals to suit any budget.  Trophies can be customised with your dance school logo and text.  Browse through the website to find other awards such as Star Awards or Cups and Gifts which can also be customised with colour printing or engraving.  You may also need an appreciation award for a dance teacher who has gone above and beyond to ensure the performance and costumes were A grade. Gift those magical dance moments by rewarding from Sydney Awards and Trophies’ Dance Trophy range.