Business Awards

Classy Business Awards

Business Awards are now part of the awards landscape. CEO's know that business trophies are a positive. In other words the awarding of business trophies positively adds to their profile.

Business Trophies

Business trophies have improved enormously. Above all don't award cheap looking trophies. These days there are hundreds of very beautiful glass trophies at low prices. In addition to glass and crystal trophies there are plaques and even quality resin sculptured trophies. If you prefer an inexpensive trophy go directly to our Business Trophies category. There you will find a budget range of desk trophies..

Business Logo

A corporate business logo can be added as well. In addition your text will be added usually under your  logo. A trophy with logo is usually freestanding, which makes it ideal as a desk award.

Business Plaques

Business plaques come in two common styles. Firstly the personal plaque which is usually a smaller, less obvious product. Secondly there is the perpetual plaque which usually is in the corporate firm's foyer. Ultimately a frequent winner may take the award home.

Here are some ideas for presentation criteria

1. Inspired and exceptional leadership

2. Client services recognition

3. Goal achievement

4. Conscientious effort

5. Years of service

The above are suggestions only. There are many more headline attributes that you may have. Then finally email us once you are clear and confident in your criteria choices.

The Benefits of Business Awards and Trophies

Business advisors usually recommend business trophies as part of the marketing mix. The link below is a good, short read from a US marketing group. Hence we recommend it for our clients. After that click the link below with more confidence. "The benefits of Company Awards". It will take about 9 minutes to read.

The Benefits of Company Awards