Darts Trophies


Darts legends are on target

In recent years, darts have gained a surprising level of popularity. The world championships are viewed on live TV by millions of people worldwide and arenas are filled to capacity.  Top players are legendary with their colourful characters, nicknames and showmanship and prize money for high level tournaments has increased considerably.  Recreational players will appreciate the skills of the elite.  Imagine scoring the incredibly rare 9 dart finish, a feat that some elite have done several times over, whilst some not achieving it in their career.

So why are Darts so popular?

Darts is a game that everyone can play.  You only need a dartboard, 3 darts and a small area to play.  Unlike most sports, you don’t need to be physically fit to play and it’s played by male or female, young or old. It is cheap and there are no essential expensive shoes or uniforms to purchase.  Your maths skills will improve as you double and triple numbers and subtract scores.  Darts can be played at all levels, at home with family and friends, at the pub with mates, in local competitions, leading up to national league and international competitions.  Playing darts improves your concentration and hand/eye co-ordination and is a great way to challenge yourself.   You can take up darts in your later life and still be proficient.  If you are interested in competing socially in darts try searching “Darts Competition near me” or contact your local sports club or RSL.

Trophies for your Darts Competitions

From your social darts competition to Australian representatives, Sydney Awards and Trophies have your dart trophy needs covered.  We have an array of awards which are very competitively priced and include junior trophies and the coveted darts playing prize bull.  Choose from the various shapes, colours and sizes and put a smile on your darts champions or participants faces.