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Trophies and Awards for Reward and Incentive

Trophies give incentive and reward excellence. Give school sporting trophies for acknowledgement. The cost can be supported by the P&C. Likewise for business where the return is higher sales figures.

Walls and Cabinets are often used in foyers for Perpetual Shields and Perpetual Trophies

Schools, clubs and businesses usually have a walls and cabinets dedicated to the display of shields, plaques and trophies. This creates a good impression of the leadership of the institution. In the case of a business it shows that the management cares about rewarding the staff. As a result of this, confidence will be instilled in potential customers. In other words, the customer will be more likely to buy your product.

Results will improve by adding awards and trophies to your incentive target. Children love trophies because it gives kudos to the holder of the trophy or award. Therefore it stands to reason that schools and clubs should do likewise and honour the achiever with a perpetual trophy.

Trophies and Awards Display Cabinet
Display Cabinet for Trophies and Awards

Is motivation and acknowledgement a positive force ?

Participation awards are a positive force in the in the development of young children. Psychologists believe rewarding just the high achievers may make them performance based. Read the link below – Why Participation Trophies work.

Why it’s important to consider participation awards

Rewarding effort has positive forces. Children have increasing pressures. Educators, business mentors and coaches should consider rewards and encouragement of both children and adults. Read the above appraisal in the headline above.