Boxing Trophies


Amateur boxing improves its competition safety

There are many advantages of boxing which everyone can benefit from whilst doing a boxing training session or sparring.  This includes burning calories, improved core stability, reflexes, speed and co-ordination.  It is also great for mental strength, self-control, discipline and confidence.  On top of that you are learning a self-defence skill that could be of benefit if you ever found yourself in a dangerous situation. Considering the goal of professional boxing is to knock your opponent down so they cannot regain their feet, you can see why professional boxing ranks high as a dangerous sport.  However, the injury rate in amateur boxing in Australia is now lower than many other contact sports. This is due to increased boxing rules and safety precautions over the past 20 years. When competing, amateur boxers must wear a head-guard, mouthpiece and a box for males, and breast protector for females. Improved rules require the referee to stop the contest if a boxer appears unable to continue due to injury.  Head injuries are recorded on the boxer's record and the boxer is prohibited to spar for several weeks.

These great Boxing Trophies are a knockout

For your local boxing tournaments or national boxing competitions Sydney Awards and Trophies can accommodate your boxing trophy needs.  We have trophies showcasing boxing gloves and boxing stances in various sizes so you can award places.  The golden glove trophy will be a prestigious award for your boxing champions.  Trophies can be customised with a logo centre.  They are all competitively priced with cheap quality trophies to award your participants. Have confidence in our many years of experience in the trophy industry to provide quality service and fast turnaround for your upcoming boxing events. To find your local club see Boxing Australia or Boxing NSW