Lawn Bowls Trophies


Bowling greens attract all abilities

Lawn bowls in Australia has seen many transformations over the years from being a leisure activity for elite males to being a popular sport after World War II for both men and women.  Many clubs have bowling greens to attract the lawn bowling competitor as well as providing a social aspect of the game for young and old.  Strategies to relaunch lawn bowls and attract a diverse range of players have worked which included relaxation of the rigid dress code and introducing social gatherings of barefoot bowling as a leisure activity. To demonstrate the generational evolution, the sports now attracts many younger players, with the average age of the elite teams being around 30, and under 18 young guns heavily competing for places in the Australian Championships.

Lawn Bowls trophies and awards for professional or social events

Whether you play pennant bowls, social bowls or Jack Attack, Sydney Awards and Trophies have your lawn bowls trophies, awards and medals covered.  Choose from our wide range of shapes and sizes to reward your lawn bowls champions featuring lawn bowls and jack, male and female figurines and bases. Maybe you need a cheap but quality trophy for a social activity.  We have various options to suit all budgets.  Barefoot bowls is popular for social gatherings such as corporate events, business bowls or bucks/hens nights.  Choose a Lawn Bowls trophy to suit these fun and special occasions or an elite trophy for the pennant champions.

Play Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls is a great way to get some exercise as it uses and builds 134 muscles, improves balance and increases hand-eye coordination.  Anyone can play, all ages, abilities and fitness levels and is great for community connection.  Get involved in lawn bowling by visiting here.  Juniors and kids can also get involved through school programs which are both fun and inclusive.

Figurines and Bases

The figurines below are bolted onto trophy bases.

Click the buttons below to display different bases. To work out your total trophy price add the figurine and the base cost together.


How much will I pay for a figure and base Trophy?
Figure price + Base price = Trophy price.

What is the code for ordering a figure and base trophy? 
Figure code + Base code = Trophy code e.g. 8065t617DKe.


Our customers include many lawn bowls clubs and social groups. Choose from the standard range of lawn bowls trophies and awards as shown on this page, or select additional awards from our Pewter Tankards / Silver Tankards / Cups / Perpetual Plaques / Perpetual Shields  and Medals

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