Baseball Trophies


Baseball Trophies are an essential part of of the reward and incentive programmes of good coaches and staff.  We have been supplying Baseball Awards and Trophies  for more than 40 years. You will get the best trophies anywhere in Australia at the best price 1st time every time.

Improve technique to increase baseball pitch velocity

Imagine having an object coming towards you at 170 km/hr.  That’s the speed of the fastest baseball pitch recorded in American League Baseball.  Only a few reach these top speeds as it create too much torque in the pitcher’s arm which leads to damage in tendons and ligaments.

Understand the basics for the best results

For young baseball pitchers, refining techniques can improve velocity and accuracy and prevent injury.  During the continuous motion of the pitch, which takes approximately 2 seconds, the pitcher's whole body goes through a series of motions, all of which need to be controlled for consistent performance. The baseballer will need to understand the biomechanics of the pitch which can be broken down into phases.  The starting stance, the pivot and knee lift, all require great balance and refined positioning.  The stride requires the pitcher to move their body as fast as possible into a lunge without stopping or hesitating in order to produce maximum velocity.  Once the stride foot is planted and the body rotates the energy transfers up through the body to the pitching arm, where the shoulder reaches maximum external rotation. The elbow, then hand, fires forward and the ball is released and the arm follows through across the body.  Strike!

Fielders appreciate being rewarded with Baseball Trophies

For all your Baseball trophies and medals, we have a comprehensive range of shapes and sizes.  Reward the achievements of your baseball pitchers, catchers, fielders and hitters with awards that include an array of figures, bat, gloves and ball.  To suit any budget there are cheap but quality trophies and for more prestigious awards you can view our many other awards.  A popular item for senior teams are our range of Beer Mugs and  tankards.  All items can be personalised with names and specific achievements. Do you want to Play Baseball – find info here.