Golf Trophies


Many golf ball possibilities to choose from

It’s no secret that being a good golfer takes many hours at the driving range or on the golf course trying different techniques and perfecting the swing.  It’s exhilarating to have a great game where every shot just goes right. You have a good set of clubs that are fit to you but have you considered the golf ball you use?  For the beginner it really won’t matter until technique is mastered, particularly if you are losing a lot of balls.  However, for the competitor it can be a game changer. There are inexpensive one-piece balls used for beginners or at driving ranges, up to the most expensive five-piece golf balls used on tour.  Then there are low spin golf balls which can decrease side spin on your shots meaning the ball will fly straighter through the air, and high spin golf balls for maximum drive power but accuracy is important.  Even the number of dimples on the ball matter.  A ball with more dimples will create less drag and travel further.  So if you are keen, get professional advice and try different balls to see which one improves your distance and control.

Be on par and swing in to Sydney Awards and Trophies to reward golf achievers

If it’s golf trophies and medals you need, we have many options to suit all budgets.  For your next golf day we have trophies in various sizes to award nearest the pin or longest drive.  Or for your competitive golf tournament there are glass or crystal golf trophies to award the high achievers.  We have male or female golf player figures as well as trophies showcasing golf balls, clubs, 18 hole and golf cups, funny golf trophies and junior awards. If you would like to learn to play golf or participate in a program to suit you or find somewhere to play visit Golf Australia.