Soccer Trophies Sale


Reduced Prices for Soccer Clubs and Teams

We have reduced many of the prices in our soccer trophies range. The reductions applied are not old stock or run out items. The discounted prices have been applied to our top quality and popular ranges. Look on our front page now as some of the discounts do have a time limit. Enjoy your return to the 2020 Aussie Football season.

Responsibility of soccer goalies to lead

The position of soccer goalie isn’t just about standing in front of the nets and waiting for the ball to get there.  It’s a position with plenty of pressure and responsibility.  Goalies can be a hero if they save a goal but frowned on if a goal slips through!  Because the goalie is in a position where they can watch the whole field of play, they are responsible to communicate positioning with defensive players and midfielders and give instructions to change formations.  They also coordinate the defence during free kicks, corner and goal kicks. Soccer goal keepers must be physically and mentally fit as the position requires agility, balance, advanced hand-eye coordination and strong focus.  As they are also the first line of attack, training focuses on practising dribbling and passing the soccer ball with field players.  Then they must practice anticipating where the ball is going and have quick reflexes to catch it.  Footwork skills are important and include shuffling, jumping and diving for the ball.  To continually dive for the ball in various directions without getting injured is a skill in itself. It is valuable training for young soccer players to be rotated through the goalie spot so they get an understanding of the position and rules and all players get a run on the field.

Super soccer trophies for super soccer teams

Here we have hundreds of soccer trophies to choose from for your soccer superstars or teams.  For your young girl and boy soccer players there are cheaper soccer participant trophies and cute trophies that they will cherish.  There are goalie glove trophies for your dedicated goal keepers and “back of the net” trophies for your top soccer goal scorers.  We have plenty of male and female figures, soccer balls and soccer boot trophies in various sizes.  Look no further, we have all the soccer awards for your presentation. Want to play soccer? Find your local soccer club.