Motor Sports Trophies


Motorsports is more than speed to the motor enthusiasts

It is thought that the first race of two self-powered road vehicles was in August 1967 where they travelled a distance of  13 kms.  Possibly the world’s pioneering city-to-city horseless carriage contest from Paris-Rouen occurred in 1894 where they travelled 80kms with an average speed of 16.4kph. Back when the mode of travel was horse and cart, you can only imagine the amazement of people to see the first motorised vehicles. In the world of racing today, it’s not just a sport, but a feat of engineering, science and tech.  A talented pool of vital people from engineers to the driver must be at the top of their game to succeed.  Fans may watch motor sports for the spectacle of speed, noise and jaw-dropping action that occurs on the track.  Other are there to experience and marvel at the latest technology and understand the focus, precision and endurance the driver or rider needs.

Trophy options for all motorsports

Motorsports encompass various forms of racing and events.  There is open-wheel road racing such as Formula One and IndyCar, stock car racing (NASCAR), touring car racing, off-road racing and rallying.  It also includes air racing, motorcycle, go-kart, truck and boat racing and we can’t forget lawn mower racing. In our resin trophies and figurines we have a generic range in various sizes to suit a variety of motorsports such as checkered starting flags, helmets and steering wheels.  There are also sport specific trophies for go-karting and motorbike riding.  We can source other trophies from 1000’s of line if you need a trophy specific to your motorsport.  Alternatively we can customise other items throughout the website by colour printing or engraving motorsport specific symbols or clipart images, club logos and text.  For some suggestions see plaques, cups or economy glass awards.