Glass & Metal Awards


Glass & Metal Awards are a common addition to any awards event. For instance a School awards event will always have a top achiever. It follows that the award for that person should stand out. This trophy style will do that very well. Glass adds the touch of class and combines excellently with the printed metal placed over the surface.

In the Glass & Metal Awards category we have included some timber. We think that timber translates well to quality. See what you think.

More About the Metal Plate

We have been printing colour images onto metal plates for decades. Your school, sporting or business logo is added very easily. All you have to do is supply the text. So you can see your part is easy. Simply chose your trophy from the Glass & Metal Awards display page. Then we put all the elements together and create your trophy. So, why not email your logo to us today.

Our printable metal plates come in 5 main colours. Firstly brushed and bright gold anodised plate. Secondly brushed and bright silver plate and finally a copper tone. However the overwhelming preference in the Glass & Metal Awards sector, is brushed gold and brushed silver. The brushed finish highlights the text and logo better. Consequently the message is much easier to read. We suggest that for your glass & Metal Award you consider the matt tones.

To Cover or Not to Cover

Covering a piece of glass has its merits. Indeed the impact created is worth it. However many  prefer the purity of Glass Trophies alone. In this case it is better to consider a Crystal Trophy rather than a Glass & Metal Trophy. We at Sydney Awards & Trophies recommend the Crystal for its exceptional clarity. Also the trophy will "Glint" at the bevelled and faceted edges. In addition we recommend the Crystal & Glass Awards page. All Glass and Crystal is accessed from that page. Click the link below.

Crystal & Glass Awards page