Softball Trophies


School stars play fully loaded softball

I remember playing softball in school and wondering why the game was called softball when the ball was anything but soft.  Depending on the pitcher and hitter’s skill, that ball could go in any direction, but it taught us to keep focused and to have sharp reflexes!  T-Ball and softball are fun and exciting sports that all kids can get involved in at school or a local association.  This is even more the case now with the new fully loaded softball format.  It is a faster, action packed game with simplified rules allowing kids to get more involved with greater opportunities to run and hit.  Learn to throw the fastball, the drop ball or the curve ball whilst having fun with your friends and instilling teamwork.  See here for more info on Fully Loaded Softball and where you can play.

“When life throws you a curveball, hit it out of the park.”

For all your Softball, Baseball and T-Ball trophy and medal needs, Sydney Awards and Trophies have a comprehensive range of shapes and sizes to suit your Softball Batter Up youngsters to the high performers.  Reward the achievements of your softball or baseball pitchers, catchers, basemen, fielders and hitters with awards that include an array of male and female figures, bat, gloves and ball, T-Balls and stars.  You can also choose from a range of baseball figurines and bases. To suit any budget there are cheap but quality trophies and for more prestigious awards you can view our cups, plaques, metal and glass awards.  A popular item for senior teams are our range of tankards.  All items can be personalised with names and specific achievements.  So hit a home run and choose Sydney Awards and Trophies for your softball or baseball events. Baseball Australia