Athletics 2017

Athletics male track ezi trophy

The new range of 2017 Athletics trophies has now been added to Sydney Awards & Trophies website. There has been an increase in the number of track trophies while some new field event trophies have also been added. As usual we offer the athletic trophies and the new field event trophies to you, at Australia’s cheapest prices.
The above trophy is a tastefully designed trophy. See this trophy and others like it at Athletics Trophies.

Little Athletics medal bright starAthletics Medals
 are priced from $4.40 and include ribbon. We can personalise your Athletics trophies and Track and Field medals for you by adding specially designed inserts of you club or school logo. The medal shown to the left is for little athletics. Medals can also be personalised by using 25mm and 50mm inserts.
If you wish to create your own design you should email  us for a quote and delivery time.

If you need to find an Athletic club in your area then click the link supplied here. Good luck and compete well. Find an Athletics club in my region.