Rugby Trophies

Rugby trophies are a great way to encourage your players

Rugby trophies should be used from day one of the season. For example man of the match and training awards can be introduced at the beginning of the season. Finally participation trophies can be awarded at the end of the season.  Consequently the participation trophies are used at the end of the season, simultaneously with the club picnic.

Passionate rugby loving parents encourage their kids onto the field. With little understanding of the game the kids follow the ball in a group from one end of the field to the other. Very often running in the wrong direction and finally scoring for the opposite team. Guidance and encouragement by the on-field coach is essential. This is where rugby trophies can be used for emphasis.

Many coaches will get frazzled trying to guide the kids Many decide to sit on the field to have a chat with friends or do handstands while the game is in progress.  Winning or losing isn’t an issue.  Nevertheless they have fun and consequently the spirit of the game is ignited.

A few years on, playing positions become evident and the team is bonding into a strong unit.  The game gets competitive, passing skills are refined and pulling off a great tackle is revered by teammates and spectators alike. During teenage years, an overseas tour may be organised where players can experience different cultures to their own.

Whatever code of rugby, the level of play, whether women’s or men’s rugby, 7s, 10s or the traditional rugby game, there are treasured experiences and lifetime mates made along the way.

Huge selection of Rugby Trophies

Sydney Awards and Trophies have womens and mens rugby trophies; rugby fielders, tacklers, try scorers, passers, fenders; generic rugby ball trophies; junior and senior rugby trophies; resin trophies, figurines and rugby medals; gold and silver rugby trophies in various sizes. There are cheap trophies for rewarding participation or trophies to suit your best back, best forward, coaches award and MVP.  Cups or plaques can be customised with a club or association logo and text for special achievements. Interested in playing rugby?  Play Rugby Union or Play Rugby League