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The Rewards of Giving Quality Custom Trophies.

Rugby Trophy Male Resin. Kaboom Series. Engravable plate. Running Ball Carries. Antique Silver with gold trim.
Cost Effective Resin Trophy

People love getting trophies.  On sporting fields around our nation, thousands of  trophies are given out each week to an individual “Player of the Match”. This is a very worthwhile practice, particularly in children’s sport where the coach can judiciously tune the criteria for the best player of the match award. In time, all the children can be honoured in some way. The coach’s wisdom is paramount in this and the trophy should be given with due consideration to the assets the young player brought to the game. For example, the unselfish last pass from a player to enable a team mate to score the try or shoot the goal. Junior Sporting and Academic Awards usually are not the more expensive trophies such as Crystal Trophies.

The trophy will probably be a resin style action or icon design. Resin trophies are heavy and look very good these days with expert moulding for accuracy of design. The colouring, presently,  is most likely to be a classic antique silver tone with gold highlights, but there are lots of bronze and gold tone resins as well.
At the end of a junior sporting season, millions of Awards and Trophies are given to all the players just for being part of the team. This is an important aspect of the whole ethos of what being in ANY team is about. It is a reward for turning up and making the effort. The object is to encourage the kids to turn up again next year and do it all again.

Outstanding Glass and Metal Trophies and Awards for the Presentation Evening

Glass Trophies and Awards on a presentation Table for a Sailing Club
A Combination of Glass and Metal Awards with assorted Trophies and Perpetuals being set up for the Annual Awards at a local Sailing Club. The Glass Trophies shown here are Economy Glass with dye printed metal plate on the face.

Where did the concept of Trophy giving come from?

It is a bit disappointing to discover that the origins of trophies could go back centuries to the spoils of war. There is a lot of evidence that trophies were taken (rather than given) by Ancient Greek and Roman Soldiers.  The word “trophy” is derived from the Greek tropaion, which comes from the verb trope, meaning “to rout.”
The Trophies were created after a battle won at the exact location. These trophies were often a combination of weapons used in that theatre of war.

Trophies were not just a product of battles on land. Naval victories, often consisted of entire beached ships. The victors would beach the remains of the vanquished’s ships and preserve them as a reminder of their victory as well as a tribute to the god or gods who favoured and aided the soldiers.

The preservation of the site was deemed essential so that the victors would be remembered. The organisation of the memorabilia certainly was a good reminder in-situ, whether on land or at sea, there was indeed a “Rout” and the victors would be remembered.

Portable Awards Were More Politically Expedient

Politically, especially in the Roman Empire, it was eventually thought to be better to show the spoils at home so the locals could share in the glory and applaud the Government of the day for their success in warfare.
Roman Soldier in armour complete with shield sword and helmet.The Romans and to some extent the Greeks began to build monuments in their homeland. This added not only architectural beauty to their land  but also a reminder for the citizens of the epic battles won aboard. In a way it was great advertising. Magnificent monuments were created with life sized warriors from the Empire. Many of these monuments exist today. These were huge trophies erected in archways, alongside columns. Large, life sized sculptures represented power, wealth and pride in the homeland, rather than in a foreign land. They were often erected portico style on the walls of monuments as depicted in the image here.
Obviously there had to be changes made as far as the portability of a trophy was concerned. Valuable trophy cup and vases were often used and you can read more about the evolution of these trophies in another blog on this site – Cups.

Trophy Presentations are Good for Your Business

The awarding of a trophy now is very different to the war trophies as described above. The value of the ancient trophies would have been well understood by those who engineered the idea of those trophies. That is they imparted a message and a very strong one. If the trophy was left as a memorial in the vanquished region the message would have been acutely felt by those who knew the devastation wrought by the victors. Likewise if the monument was built back in the home countries the home families could celebrate the wonderful victories of their empire.
By presenting successful colleagues and team mates with tangible, quality awards, such as Crystal Trophies, you make a statement about the successful recipient as well as the tone of your business, organisation, sporting group and academic institution. The business context is now far removed from the battles a thousand years ago. It is the visibility and the tangibility that works in the modern workplace.

It is the message that is important. The visibility is remembered.

Studies by ASI Ad Impressions have shown that promotional products such as branded trophies are the most cost effective, high impact advertising medium available. In The United States recipients were asked what kind of promotional products they owned ( defined by anything with a brand on it) and 64% of people said they owned desk accessories. If an award trophy is present on the desk in an employee’s place of work the status of the awardee is elevated. If you own a business that recognises the efforts of your employees you obviously understand the worth of the message the mere presence of the branded trophy imparts to your other employees and also to clients.  The mere fact that an employer has bothered to implement a Presentation Day  speaks volumes about the people at the top of the business. So it makes sense to order the best trophies available. Lets talk about Crystal Awards and Custom Trophies.

Crystal Awards and Crystal Trophies Validate Your Workplace as well as the Employees

Sydney Awards & Trophies Crystal Award. Clear freestanding Iceberg crystal glass on black base. Two piece trophy with frosty edging to the engraved face.

Awarding a Crystal such as the one displayed makes the the moment very special. It is obviously a beautiful object. The successful awardee can take advantage of its portability and take it home or simply leave it on the desk at the workplace, organisation or Club. The trophy can also be placed in the foyer or entrance to the business which has high visibility for all the employee’s team mates and visitors. If it look great people will have a look. Elite Crystal trophies always catch the eye. If the trophy is in a foyer glass cabinet make sure it is big. Smaller for the desk of course as a replica. Many Glass Awards come in up to 3 sizes, so the foyer could house the biggest size and the smaller replica could grace the employee’s desk in the office or at home.
The staff at Sydney Awards & Trophies sell top quality crystal trophies from around the world sourced from leading importers right here in Australia. Because Sydney Awards etch the Crystal Trophy with branding and text it  becomes a very flexible award product. The Iceberg Crystal Award could just as easily be suitable for a Managing Director as it could be for a Top Sporting or Academic Award. Such is the flexibility. All that is needed is a logo and text and some tasteful design work and the branded trophy can be displayed with pride anywhere.

Sandblast Glass and Crystal Trophies Make Your Event Memorable

Engraved crystal trophies will set the bar high for your next presentation. The nature and appearance of crystal make the event special with a more formal feel. Potential awardees feel more appreciated and respected in receiving Crystal more than any other award piece. You cannot go wrong with 1st class Crystal. The strong message of worth is innate in Crystal and is acceptable for all awards. A Glass Trophy is most suitable for Tennis, Golf, Rugby, Netball etc as well as Business, Corporate and Academic Awards.   The variations and options are enormous. Hole-in-One trophies, Peak Crystal Trophies. Base and peaked faces with multi faceted ending reflections.Peak shaped Awards as a symbol of top achievement are use often for just about any endeavour. These Custom Crystal Awards have weight. They are not light like many of the plastic trophies that are supplied by Trophy Retailers. Plastic trophies have their place in the in the product stock of the stores and distributors as they are very inexpensive. In many cases, however, it is inappropriate to supply a cheaper trophy. When that is the case, Businesses, Sporting Clubs and Schools should consider the worth of an enduring award such as Crystal. Customised trophies like those shown in this blog can grace fireplaces, desks and occasional tables for many years.

Your Options are Enormous When You choose Customised Crystal Awards

Starburst Crystal Trophies are a circular design two piece style. Faceted edging uses light to beautify the Glass Trophy.
Faceted edging uses light to beautify this Crystal Glass Trophy.
Custom Crystal Award Desk Paperweight. Domed crystal circular shape in gift presentation box.
Paperweight Crystal Desk Awards
Crystal Trophy Plinth for Golf. Two Sizes with custom etching to the column face. On top of the crystal column is a schematic golfer design
Crystal Trophy for Golf
Glacier Optical Crystal Trophy. Very solid freestanding Crystal Award that does not need a base to stand. The clever faceting refracts the light.
Thick Crystal with Refracting Facets







The images of the Crystal Awards above will give you the idea of how diverse and complete awards have become. Within the sector of Glass trophies it is obvious that glass and crystal can be cut and shaped into many aesthetic designs. Angle cut edges and facets are able to reflect and refract light in pure optical crystal. This is what causes the “glint” and in many cases the “rainbow effect” seen in these awards. They are special awards and are trending more strongly every year in quality and design. In 2020 Sydney Awards & Trophies added a huge range of new awards in the Glass and Crystal Trophy Category. We have endeavoured to get them all on display for our business clients as well as the purchasing officers for major sporting organisations. We are well aware that Academic Campuses and Schools are also purchasing these trophies as part of their overall mix of awards.

What Is Cut Crystal ?

Crystal was mostly known as Lead Glass and goes back millennia. Cut crystal is  nearly as old.  The ordinary drinking glass is mostly a composition of silica, sodium oxide and calcium. In the case of “Crystal” lead is added. The percentage inclusion of the lead to warrant being tagged a “Lead Class Crystal” varies around the globe. The variance is roughly 2% to 35% of lead to achieve the level of a crystal piece. The Czech Republic and Venetian Artisans typically have higher levels of lead content in the composition of a non drinkware glass piece. Crystal drinkware mostly contains less lead. The lead and antimony are added, and the result is a differing texture that allows for less brittle cutting. This is better for the craftsperson as there is significantly reduced splintering while the crystal is cut to shape and faceted when necessary for light reflection and refraction of the light spectrum.
The addition of the metals not only makes the crafting of the glass piece easier and more accurate but increases the clarity enormously giving an homogeneous appearance unlike cheaper glass pieces. Crystal with high lead content is able to be shaped and faceted at a lower temperature. It makes the job easier, faster and less frustrating.
Being able to work on the glass trophy at the lower temperatures facilitates the removal of air bubbles and imperfections during the melting and formation process. The result is a flawless pristine award or gift.

Beautiful Clear Crystal Drinkware Is a Useful Award

Tulip Shaped Wineglass. Clear and uncut for sandblasting logos and text.
Suitable for Engraving – Clear and Uncut.

Economy Glass drinkware such as Wine Glasses, Tankards, Stein, Beer Tumblers and Whisky glasses are ideal as Glass Trophies and Achievement Mementos. The clear faces allows sandblast engraving with logos and text. As an engraved stand-alone item it serves as a trophy and doubles wonderfully as a useful drinking glass. Obviously these glass awards are cost effective as they don’t require the “softening” required by a high concentration of lead and antimony with the silica. A good looking shiny clear glass does need some of the elements, however for clear unspoiled clarity. For cost effectiveness we tend to supply glassware for drinking with less lead/antimony. The glassware we supply is perfectly suitable for trophies, awards and incentive.  Sydney Awards & Trophies can supply the finish you need so the end product fits your budget ok. The Image here is one of a complete range of glassware that we supply from our site. By clicking the Sydney Awards hyperlink above you will be taken to the Glass Drinkware Category in another tab.

Drive Your Business or Organisation Forward Fast with Custom Crystal Trophies

Sydney Awards and Trophies can supply your Crystal Awards and Glass Drinkware now. All that is needed is to email Your logo and text to us now and let us know the quantities you need. Your logo and text is sandblast etched onto the faces of the vast range displayed on the pages in the site.