Trophy Shields – Sporting Shields – School Shields and Corporate Shields

We supply, engrave & deliver Perpetual Shields Australia wide.

  • Perpetual Walnut Tone Shield with gold shields 817-3WGe
    PS#817-3WGS2e 28 cm $66.00

    Woodgrain Shield

  • erpetual Shield with gold shields 817-5GeS9Gold
    PS#817-5WGS9e 40 cm $99.00

    Woodgrain Shield

  • Maroon and black school freestanding shield
    • PS#3328-2acl 35cm approx $132.00
    • PS#3328-2bcl 41cm $220.00

    Maroon Shield with silver shields and top ribbon
    Note that the $132 shield is shield only with no stand.

  • Walnut school board shield
    • PS#SH3307-2tm 40cm $126.50
    • PS#SH3307-3tm 59cm $165.00

    Walnut Shield

  • Maroon school shield 45cm
    PS#3525-3S2tm 45 cm $143.00

    Maroon Shield

  • Sporting Shield trophy Maroon gold fittings. Freestanding 69cm

    PS#3327-3tm on stand
    69cm  $poa
    Maroon shield gold fittings
    Logos may cost extra

  • Freestanding trophy shield 70 cm tall
    40 cm $126.50
  • 53 cm maroon shield with silver fittings
    PS#3315cl 53 cm $165.00

    Maroon shield silver fittings

  • 40cm walnut shield with silver fittings
    PS#RWS5_2 40 cm $99.00

    Walnut silver plates
    School or club logo or insert may cost extra

  • Large50cm rosewood shield on stand
    50 cm

    PS#3301-3tm 50cm $poa

  • Large walnut perpetual shield 42 cm tall
    PS#W3327-2tm 40 cm $99.00

    Walnut Rosewood and Black

  • Perpetual shields
    PS#RWS5 40 cm $99.00

    Walnut gold plates
    School logo

Australia wide delivery for Trophy Shields from Sydney Awards & Trophies.
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and all regions and towns.