Snooker Trophies


Snooker and Pool Champions are Impressive to Watch

When thinking of sportswear we picture lycra suits and Nike runners.  However the traditional combination of waistcoats and bow ties worn by the elite snooker players, as well as the referee with their white gloves, is symbolic of the game.  It gives an element of class to the sport and is important to its image and identify.  Snooker and Pool champions show stunning displays of skill and perseverance.  It’s not just a sport but an impressive art of understanding mathematics and geometry to determine the angle a shot will bounce off a rail, to master spinning techniques or to know how much force is needed for a winning shot.

Awards for the Local Pub Pool Tournament to the National Snooker Championships

Most Australians would have had a game (or several games) of pool at their local pub or club or in a friends rumpus room or garage.  Many amateurs have mastered skills and can show them off amongst friends.  Others just smash the ball hoping for the best and celebrate with gusto when the ball spins off in the right direction and lands in a pocket. Sydney Awards and Trophies have got all your snooker league, billiards and pool trophies and medals sorted.  In various shapes and sizes, we have snooker and pool trophies which include the triangle rack, pool cues, men and women player figures, billiard table and 8-Ball trophies.  For snooker championships there are various other options to personalise awards within Sydney Awards and Trophies range of glass trophies, plaques, cups sections.

Would you like to compete in Billiards and Snooker Tournaments?

Here are some links to get you on your way. Australian Billiards and Snooker Council (ABSC) | Australian Eight Ball Federation Incorporated (AEBF) | NSW 8-Ball League

Figurines and Bases

The figurines below are bolted onto trophy bases.

Click the buttons below to display different bases. To work out your total trophy price add the figurine and the base cost together


How much will I pay for a figure and base Trophy?
Figure price + Base price = Trophy price.

What is the code for ordering a figure and base trophy? 
Figure code + Base code = Trophy code e.g. 8065t617DKe.


Our customers include clubs and social groups. Choose from the standard range of snooker, billiards and pool trophies and awards as shown on this page, or select additional awards from our Pewter Tankards / Silver Tankards / Cups / Perpetual Plaques / Perpetual Shields  and Medals

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