Netball Trophies Sale


Reduced Prices for Netball Clubs and Teams

We have reduced many of the prices in our netball trophies range. The reductions applied are not old stock or run out items. The discounted prices have been applied to our quality and popular ranges. Look on our front page now as some of the discounts do have a time limit. Enjoy your return to the 2020 Aussie Netball season.  

Netballers are all super champions

From NetSetGO to Australian Diamonds, netball is the biggest team sport in Australia.  It is played by over 1.2 million people in all corners of the country.  Netball has a unique power.  It brings friends and families together, and girls and women motivate and inspire one another.  It’s a sport for all ages, backgrounds, genders and abilities.  7-a-side netball is the traditional game which was established over 100 years ago.  Although the rules and physicality of the game has changed over the years, it is still the most played.  There are also spin off’s which include Fast 5 netball, indoor netball with nets and walking netball which is predominantly for older players or those returning from injury.  Beach netball has also recently been introduced. Find your local club here:  NSW Netball  | Netball Australia 

Netball is increasing in popularity for males

Due to netball’s fast pace and physical demands, the men’s league competition is expanding.   If you haven’t had a chance to watch a live high level game, it’s certainly worth having a look on YouTube.  These men are skilled, agile and fit.  If that’s not your pace there are many men getting involved in local social mixed netball comps.  Find more info on men’s netball

Netball award suggestions

The ball’s in your court!  Choose Sydney Awards and Trophies for your Netball stars.  We have cute netball trophies that are suitable for juniors.  We have an extensive array of resin trophies in 3 or 4 sizes featuring a netball, netball hoop and shoes with stars and other icons.  There are figures of netball players, defenders and shooters.  There are numerous options for elite awards throughout the website that can be customised with association or team logo and personalised details.  A champagne flute, wine glass or stemless wine glass are also popular for senior teams.  Don’t forget your coaches, managers and a whistle trophy for umpire awards.