Chess Trophies


Chess has a medieval history

Chess is a game that has been played for over 5000 years.  It is based on the idea of a kingdom and each piece has a varying level of importance. The almighty king is the one that must be protected. If the king is destroyed, the monarchy falls. Standing beside her king, the queen will protect him with all her power. The bishop, who was next in line for the throne, take their place on each side of the king and queen. Then stand the knights with their wealth and importance. These valuable people were kept protected by the walls of the castle, the rooks. In front stand the poor small pawns, the peasants, who were considered less important and the first to be sacrificed.

Nowadays the game of chess is widely played and is considered beneficial for concentration and memory retention. It requires logical and sequential thinking, decision making and focus.  It can also be valuable for those with ADHD or Alzheimers.  It is great for social interaction and is played in Interschool Chess Championships, leagues and tournaments.

Awesome Trophies for kings and queens of chess competitions

Reward your chess champions with a chess trophy that they will be proud of.  Sydney Awards and Trophies have a range of chess trophies and medals.  Popular gold chess figurines include the castle and king and can be placed on a variety of stylish bases.  Personalise trophies with a school crest or logo centre.  Many other options are available throughout the website including cups and plaques which can be customised with logos or images and text describing special achievements.

Whether you play chess with grandad or aspire to be an International Master, it is enjoyable and rewarding as you strategise, calculate probabilities and act on opportunities.

For more information on chess activities see Australian Chess Federation

Figurines and Bases

The gold figurines below are bolted onto trophy bases.

Click the buttons below to display different bases. To work out your total trophy price add the figurine and the base cost together


How much will I pay for a figure and base Trophy?
Figure price + Base price = Trophy price.

What is the code for ordering a figure and base trophy? 
Figure code + Base code = Trophy code e.g. 8065t617DKe.


Our customers include clubs and social groups. Choose from the standard range of chess trophies and awards as shown on this page, or select additional awards from our Pewter Tankards / Silver Tankards / Cups / Perpetual Plaques / Perpetual Shields  and Medals

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