Basketball Trophies


Taking the court with some mates of an afternoon at the local park or recreation club is fun and rewarding.  As a social player you don’t have to win every game to enjoy basketball.  Although it can be competitive, it’s fun to give it a go and attempt to replicate the moves of the elite.  This often results in having a laugh at your own and your teammates fails.  Many love the social game, while others strive for higher levels.

What do you need to do to be an elite basketball player

Obviously it helps if you are tall although there are many successful shorter players.  That means you are closer to the basketball hoop to make that shot and you can get above other player’s defending arms.  The average height of NBA male players is 6’7” (201cm) with centres the tallest at close to 7’ (213cm) and point guard the shortest at 6’3” (190cm).  The average WNBA player is around 6” (183cm). Due to basketball requiring a lot of sprinting, running, and jumping players require very good endurance as well as agility.  With remarkable leaps to the goal hoop, rebounding or blocking shots, and frequent changes of direction, basketballers show off their all round athleticism.   Basketball involves a lot of physical contact so to dominate offensive and defensive play you need physical and mental strength and toughness.

Trophies for basketball achievers

For all your Basketball trophy needs, Sydney Awards and Trophies has an exceptional range to suit all budgets.  We have men and women figures, juniors, cheap basketball trophies, in lots of shapes and sizes, as well as coaches and referee basketball trophies, various medals and drinkware awards.  All items can be customised with your club logo and personal text. If you would like to participate in basketball contact your local club or see Basketball Australia Wheelchair basketball  is also popular.