• Aussie Rules boot award
    TAFL#734-9Ae 8cm $12.10
  • Tall Aussie Rules boot and ball trophy
    • TAFL#11631At 13cm $11.00
    • TAFL#11631Bt 15cm $12.10
    • TAFL#11631Dt 20cm $17.60
    • TAFL#11631Et 24cm $23.10
  • Aussie Rules figure bursting through ball
    • TAFL#735A-3e 15cm $8.25
    • TAFL#735B-3e 17cm $9.35
    • TAFL#735C-3e 20cm $11.55

    Club centres may cost more

  • Gold star and Aussie Rules figures award
    • TAFL#587-3e 11cm $7.70
    • TAFL#587A-3e 12cm $8.80
    • TAFL#587B-3e 14cm $9.35
    • TAFL#587C-3e 17cm $11.55
  • Aussie Rules jersey, boot and ball trophy
    • TAFL#14051Ai 8cm $7.15
    • TAFL#14051Bi 10cm $7.98
    • TAFL#14051Ci 11cm $8.25

    Year insert not included in price

  • Action figure Aussie Rules trophy
    • TAFL#RLC751Ai 15.5cm $13.20
  • Gold ball and boot Aussie Rules award
    • TAFL#RL351ia 14cm $11.00
    • TAFL#RL351Aia 16cm $12.65
    • TAFL#RL351Bia 18.5cm $14.85

    Insert not included in price

  • Silver action Aussie Rules figurine
    • TAFL#JW3951Ai 13cm $10.45
    • TAFL#JW3951Bi 15cm $12.65

    Insert not included in price

  • Gold Aussie Rules trophy
    • TAFL#RL951Ai 13cm $10.45
    • TAFL#RL951Bi 15cm $12.10
    • TAFL#RL951Ci 16cm $13.75

    Insert not included in price

  • Australian Rules sunraysia medal
    #MD912t 5.2cm $4.40
    Australian Rules Medal
    Price includes ribbon

    CLICK HERE for more.

Figurines and Bases

The gold figurines below are bolted onto trophy bases.

Click the buttons below to display different bases. To work out your total trophy price add the figurine and the base cost together

  • Theme Australian rules trophy
    TAFL#8831t 12.5cm $3.50

    Theme Australian rules trophy

  • Schematic Australian rules trophy
    TAFL#8555t 12.5cm $3.00

    Schematic Australian rules trophy

  • Australianrules figurine trophy 2 players
    TAFL#8170t 12.5cm $2.75

    High mark Australian rules trophy

  • Antique silver Australian rules trophy figurine
    TAFL#6127t 20cm $8.05

    Large Australian rules figurine


How much will I pay for a figure and base Trophy?
Figure price + Base price = Trophy price.

What is the code for ordering a figure and base trophy? 
Figure code + Base code = Trophy code e.g. 8065t617DKe.

  • Red Acrylic trophy base
    #SB61t 75×75×1.9cm $4.40

    Red Acrylic trophy base

  • Blue Acrylic trophy base
    #SB31t 75×75×1.9cm $4.40

    Blue Acrylic trophy base

  • Clear Acrylic trophy base
    #SB1t 75×75×1.9cm $4.40

    Clear Acrylic trophy base

  • White marble base
    #WM210t 5.5×5.5×2cm $3.30

    White marble base

  • Blue marble base
    #M210Bt 5.5×5.5×2cm $3.30

    Blue marble base

  • Cream marble base
    #CM210t 5.5×5.5×2cm $3.30

    Cream marble base

  • Black marble base
    #BM210t 5.5×5.5×2cm $3.30

    Black marble base

  • Gold plastic trophy base.
    #BAS33AGi 8.5×8×2.2cm $3.30

    Gold plastic trophy base.
    Please check as stock is limited.

  • #BAS33ASi 8.5×8.0×2.2cm $3.30

    Grey plastic trophy base.
    Please check as stock is limited.

  • White plastic trophy base
    #BAS33WMi 8.5×8.0×2.2cm $3.30

    White plastic trophy base.
    Limited stock.

  • Black marblex base and plinth
    #605BKe 7×7×9cm $11.00

    Black marblex base and plinth

  • Smaller rosewood tone timber veneer base
    #719DKe 10.5×6.5×3cm $4.95

    Smaller rosewood tone timber veneer base

  • 2 tier rosewood tone timber veneer base
    #718DKe 10.5×10.5×3.5cm $8.25

    2 tier rosewood tone timber veneer base

  • Long rosewood tone timber veneer base
    #717DKe 12.5×7.5×3cm $6.60

    Long rosewood tone timber veneer base

  • Small semi round rosewood tone timber veneer base
    #715DKe 8.5×7.5×1.7cm $6.05

    Small semi round rosewood tone timber veneer base

  • Black “marble look” base.
    #B1KMp 9×9×1.6cm $4.40

    Black “marble look” base.

  • Black "marble look" base and plinth.
    #R11KM#B1KMp 9×9×7.5cm $8.25

    Black “marble look” base and plinth.

  • Large black marble style trophy base
    #R12KM#B1KMp 9×9×9.5cm $9.35

    Black “marble look” base and plinth.

  • Blue base
    #B1BMp 9×9×1.6cm $4.40

    Blue “marble look” base.

  • Blue veneer timber marble effect trophy
    #R11BM#B1BMp 9×9×7.5cm $8.25

    Blue “marble look” base and plinth.

  • #R12KBM#B1BMp 9×9×9.5cm $9.35

    Blue “marble look” base and plinth.


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