Aussie Rules Trophies


Quantifiable results useful for elite player benchmarks

GPS technology is increasingly being used in high level AFL and many other sports.  It can monitor every second of a training session or match-day game.  This information is highly analysed and results are used by AFL coaches in various ways.  Information can be useful to reduce the risk of injury by using benchmarks to determine when AFL players are at a higher risk of injury, and coaches can tailor training to prevent injury before it occurs. It can be used to provide better individual development and keep players at their best throughout the season, in turn gaining a competitive advantage.  It allows for the AFL coach to back up his visual observations by giving quantifiable feedback to players. AFL pathway recruitment can benefit from having benchmarks for young players to aim for. On field information has provided us with some interesting AFL stats which includes players can run up to 18kms in a single game and can run at speeds up to 37.4km/hr.  Usain Bolt has run at 44.7km/h over 100m so considering that speed is during an 80 minute game is quite impressive.

Trophies for the Aussie Rules enthusiasts

Aussie Rules is increasingly popular with over 1.6 million players.  Female participation in AFL has increased rapidly with the AFL Women’s competition playing a key role in inspiring young girls to participate. From the fun AFL Auskick programs to Junior, Youth and Senior Football, and fast AFL 9S, there are clubs and school programs Australia-wide.  See more info at play.AFL We have hundreds of AFL trophies for you to choose from including female and male figurines in various stances like speckies, drop punts, kicks and handballs.  There are also many shapes and sizes with AFL balls and boots and goal posts.  There are cheap AFL trophies and all are very competitively priced and can be customised with a club or school logo centre and text. Trust Sydney Awards and Trophies for all your AFL trophy needs.