Cards Trophies


A game of cards can be an enjoyable pastime with friends or a social outlet at the local club with like-minded people.  As you improve your skill and technique you could join national and international tournaments.  Some popular card games are Indian Rummy, Poker, Hearts, BlackJack and Texas Hold’em Poker.

Poker skills rely on refining body language

I don’t know many sports or activities where you have to keep emotions hidden.  However Poker is a different ball game!  You need to keep your face neutral and not show any positive or negative reactions even when you have scored a great hand.  Your mouth action, such as smile or pout influences the rest of your face so keep lips together and jaw relaxed.  To show confidence and to intimidate your opponent you need to maintain good eye contact and minimise eye movements or eyebrow raises.  Blink to avoid staring, but don’t blink excessively as this shows nervousness.  Release tension and relax your posture by taking a deep breath, let your shoulders relax and settle into a natural sitting position.  Don’t fidget, you want to look as though you have nothing to hide.  Speak with confidence and in a balanced tone, or nod if speaking may give something away.  Or... throw this all away and totally confuse your opponent with bluffing.  Being inconsistent with your reactions can leave people guessing too.  Cards is a game of tactics, perhaps mix it up, whatever works for you!

Ace it with card trophies from Sydney Awards and Trophies

In various designs, these eye catching card trophies will be admired by their recipients.  Card playing trophies come in various sizes and display hands of cards and  popular gold figurines can be placed on a variety of bases.  These and other trophies and awards can be personalised by adding a club logo and text with special achievements.

Figurines and Bases

The gold figurines below are bolted onto trophy bases.

Click the buttons below to display different bases. To work out your total trophy price add the figurine and the base cost together


How much will I pay for a figure and base Trophy?
Figure price + Base price = Trophy price.

What is the code for ordering a figure and base trophy? 
Figure code + Base code = Trophy code e.g. 8065t617DKe.


Our customers include clubs and social groups.  Choose from the standard range of cards trophies and awards as shown on this page, or select additional awards from our Pewter Tankards / Silver Tankards / Cups / Perpetual Plaques / Perpetual Shields  and Medals

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