Custom Cast Medals

Custom Cast Medals

We supply, engrave & deliver Sporting and Award Medals Australia wide. Custom designed, sporting medals and cast medals to order. Australia's best and most competitive Custom Designed Medals. Click to see our full range of Neck Ribbons.  Custom cast medals are economical in large runs. Please email for a quote.

Unique events need distinctive medals

Here you will find many examples of custom medals we have arranged for our valued customers.  These premium medals are custom designed and suited to larger orders of 100 or more.  If you have a large event to organise, these medals may be the best option for you.  They look impressive, are solid and heavy.  On the rear side of the medals we can engrave your customised text and custom ribbons can also be designed.  Email us your requirements and ideas and we will be happy to assist design a custom cast medal for your special event.

Intriguing Olympic medal history

Before medals, in ancient Olympic games, olive branch wreaths were bestowed to their victors.  Olive trees symbolise peace, victory, honour and unity and there was the theory that the crowned winners acquired the divine qualities of the gods. The olive or bay laurel leaves can be seen on many modern day medals and trophies as a symbol of victory and wisdom. At the first modern Olympic games in 1896, winners received a silver medal and runners-up received a copper or bronze medal, and both were crowned with an olive wreath.  The now customary gold, silver and bronze medals were first awarded in 1904.  Gold medals now are silver medals with gold plating due to the excessive cost of gold. Not until 1960 was the medal designed to wear around the neck as previously the medal was attached by a chest pin and coloured ribbon. Over the years, elaborate medal designs were adapted and creativity explored.  Today's designs must incorporate the Greek goddess of victory, Olympic emblem, full name of the Games and discipline.  The unique design must reflect the host country’s culture and aesthetic elements. Winter Olympic medals have also seen some remarkable unique and diverse designs since it’s inception in 1924. Olympic Games Medals pictures