Prestige Silver Cups

We supply, engrave & deliver Prestige Silver Plated Trophy Cups Australia wide

  • Classic Designed Solver Plated Trophy Cup
    CSP#C27PBW36c 38 cm $330.00

    Classic Design Silver Plated Trophy Cup

  • Large Trophy Cup from the Prestige Range
    • CSP#ICCL16r 26cm $148.50
    • CSP#ICCL18r 30cm $187.00
    • CSP#ICCL25r 37cm $242.00

    Silver Plated Cup
    On Rosewood Base

  • Top Quality Silver Plated Cup
    CSP#C3HLc 37 cm $715.00

    Solid Timber Base

  • Top Quality large Silver Cup
    CSP#CPITCHp 39 cm $1,100.00

    Silver Plated Cup on turned timber base

  • CSP#C28Fcl 56 cm $660.00
  • Trophy cups collage for Index



Our customers include businesses, large corporations, clubs, schools and social groups. Choose from the standard range of prestige silver cups as shown on this page, or select additional awards from our Pewter Tankards / Silver Tankards / Perpetual Plaques / Perpetual Shields / Trophies and Medals

Delivery to – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Central Coast and many regions and towns.