Sunraysia Series Medals

Medals Sunraysia Series

Achievements are engraved on medals

If you are after an impressive looking medal at a budget price, the Sunraysia medals are sure to please.  They are 52mm in diameter and have an extra thick edge so they look solid.  Many sports and academic themes are represented in this medal range and include Rugby, AFL, soccer, music, equestrian, and victory, just to name a few.  The images on the medals are quite detailed and slightly raised making a good visual effect.  Most medals come in antique gold, silver and bronze.

On the rear of these medals is an engraving area of 32x32mm.  Here you can custom engrave recipient name, team and club name, year, achievement, etc.  If you would like colour or to include a logo or school crest, a metal colour printed plate slots into the engrave area.  All medals come with a neck ribbon and there are many colours to choose from.

Medals remind us of memories

Items that are kept for a lifetime are the ones that hold a special memory.  As a child we have participated in many sports and activities and received recognition for academic achievements.  Awards for these endeavours are proudly displayed around our room.  Over the years these trophies and medals are replaced by other significant items and most likely find their way into a box and are carefully stowed away.  It’s unlikely that these special items will be thrown away as they hold significant meaning.  Later in life you find the box and look through the items.  Not only do you remember receiving the medal or award, you remember why you received it, your team or class mates that shared in your achievement, the fun and the atmosphere.

Make some memories and make Sydney Awards and Trophies your one stop shop for all your club or school medals and trophies.  We’ll get the job done accurately and on time.