Sporting Medals Brushed Finish

Gold, Silver or Bronze 50mm Diameter – $3.96 with coloured neck ribbon.
Medals are engraveable on the reverse.
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Medallions may not display at exact size. All are available in Gold, Silver or Bronze, unless otherwise stated.

  • Gold Soccer Medal Brushed Gold, Silver and Bronze Economy series includes neck ribbon
    MBe#ME904Gt $3.96

    50mm Gold Soccer Medal

  • Gold Victory Medal ME900Gt with neck ribbon.
    MBe#ME900Gt $3.96

    50mm Gold Victory Medal

  • Silver Victory Medal with neck ribbon.
    MBe#ME900St $3.96

    50mm Silver Victory Medal

  • with neck ribbon.
    MBe#ME900Bt $3.96

    50mm Bronze Victory Medal

  • Academic Medal, Gold Silver and Bronze available
    MBe#ME905Gt $3.96

    50mm Academic Medal

  • Athletics medal with neck ribbon
    MBe#ME901Gt $3.96

    50mm Athletics Medal

  • Badminton Medal Gold only
    BMe#ME946Gt $3.96

    50mm Badminton Medal

    Gold only

  • Baseball Medal
    MBe#ME903Gt $3.96

    50mm Baseball Medal

  • Basketball Medal
    MBe#ME907Gt $3.96

    50mm Basketball Medal

  • Gold Chess Medal Gold Only
    MBe#ME978Gt $3.96

    50mm Chess Medal

    Gold only

  • Cricket Medals
    MBe#ME910Gt $3.96

    50mm Cricket Medal

  • Cross Country Medal with neck ribbon.
    MBe#ME925Gt $3.96

    50mm Cross Country Medal

  • Darts Trophy
    MBe#ME938Gt $3.96

    50mm Darts Medal

  • Gymnastics Medal With neck ribbon
    MBe#ME914Gt $3.96

    50mm Gymnastics Medal

  • Horse Medal With neck ribbon
    MBe#ME935Gt $3.96

    50mm Horse Medal

  • Gold Ice Hockey Medal Gold Only.
    MBe#ME922Gt $3.96

    50mm Ice Hockey Medal

    Gold only