Brushed Econo Series Medals

Sporting/Activity Medals Brushed Finish

Gold, Silver or Bronze 50mm Diameter - $3.96 with coloured neck ribbon. Medals are engraveable on the reverse. Click to see our full range of Neck Ribbons Medallions may not display at exact size. Available in Gold, Silver or Bronze, unless otherwise stated.

Cheap medals that are quality for money

Where can you get an award for your sports stars for under $4?  Right here of course! There are times when the budget is low but there is also a need to reward participants of an event to honour their accomplishments.  This could be a one-off for the winner of a chess competition or for 500 participants of a junior touch football competition.

As the title suggests, these are economical medals, however they are not cheap on quality.  They are solid medals that represent numerous sports and academic activities, and their designs are detailed and distinct.  Many come in gold, silver and bronze.  If you need placings for those that come in gold only, you can use free gold, silver and bronze ribbons, or blue, red & green.  For a small additional cost, dependent on quantities, you can include engraving on the back of the medals.

Children love to receive participation rewards

There is debate around whether children should receive participation awards.  Some feel that if children receive participation awards, even if they performed poorly, they don’t get to experience failure.  On the other hand giving a reward for being present and contributing to a team gives positive reinforcement.

As your child develops in sport over the years, you will see that the participation trophy doesn’t hold as much value as one for a special achievement or a team premiership victory.  But certainly awarding participation medals for small children just starting out, or for junior grades, will keep their excitement and encourage them to continue into the next season.  There are also other events worthy of giving medals which serve as a memento.  This could be, for example, participating in a large community events such as a dance eisteddfod where participation is valued as much as winning.