Custom Insert Small Medals

Custom Insert Small Medals

We supply, engrave & deliver Medals and Medallions Australia wide.

Put you school crest or logo on display with medal centres to impress

Designed for a 25mm centre, these economical medals look great with a coloured dome displaying your logo, crest or design.  Simply send us a good quality logo or artwork in .jpg, .pdf or .eps.  The higher the resolution, the better quality we can achieve.

The domed centres look crisp and impressive and make your brand stand out.  They have a flexible gel feel and are raised to give a 3D look.  The clear resin fill enhances the colours of your design.   Use these centres with your trophy runs too.  You’ll find hundreds of trophy options with a 25mm centre area, in the trophy section.  There are many examples in the School section that show how the centres can be used on trophies, cups and on glass and acrylic awards.  Stock inserts are also available displaying various sports, activities, or academic achievements.

Evolution of sports club emblems gives team identity

Think of your favourite sports team, then think of their emblem and colours.  The emblem may have changed over decades with technology advances and it is interesting to look back at the emblem’s evolution.  The logo isn’t just a picture.  It identifies the team, club, fans, and the spirit of the game.  Many emblems portray a strong or significant feature such as a lion or warrior to symbolise strength and victory.  Colours also identify the team and uniforms and items such as clothes, caps, flags and promotional items are designed with these colours and adorned with the emblem.  Emblems and colours are significant features of any club.  Consider the All Blacks emblem for example.  It is so recognised it is iconic and a symbol of national pride.

There is no doubt that medals with your logo or emblem will be well received by proud club or school members.