Bright Star Series Medals

Bright Gold, Silver or Bronze 52mm Diameter. Price includes ribbon. Medals are engraveable on the reverse. Click to see our full range of Neck Ribbons Medallions are not shown at size. All are available in Gold, Silver or Bronze, unless otherwise stated.

Medals rewarded to Bright Stars

Look up into the sky at night and you will see millions of bright stars.  Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, over 20 times more luminous than our favourite star, the Sun, that warms our world and keeps our planet alive. We are not always going to be a Sirius.  However anyone who participates in a sport or activity is a bright star simply by getting up away from the computer or TV and having a go, giving it your best shot and enjoying the activity.  By doing so we are using our bodies and minds the way they were designed.  Our body was designed to move and our brain was designed to absorb information.  Together creating a powerful tool with many physical and mental benefits!  Instil healthy lifestyle habits in kids by ensuring they get a minimum of 60 active minutes each day.  Adults, take time to do a sport or activity you enjoy to keep the body and mind active.

Sparkling academic and sports medals

The 52mm Bright Stars range of medals are unique as they have cut out stars which give a nice visual effect.  Many sports are represented with a slightly raised imprint.  There are also medals for drama, dance, music and academic achievements.  Generic themes such as victory, handshake and 1st, 2nd, 3rd medals are also available.  On the back of the medal is a 30x25mm engraving area.  This area can be engraved or a printed plate inserted into the space where you can personalise award details.  Various ribbon colours are available and are included in the price. Reward your achievers or participants with a Bright Star medal and see them beam with pride.