Antique Series Medals

Medals Antique Series

Gold, Silver or Bronze 50 mm Diameter - $4.40 with coloured neck ribbon. Click to see our full range of Neck Ribbons.

Enthusiastic volunteers are imperative to sport

Behind the scenes of every sports club are the committee members working tirelessly to make sure the sports competition or event runs smoothly.  Months before the sport even begins they are attending meetings, arranging registrations, uniforms and coaches.  Then they are compiling teams and trying to make everyone happy by keeping friends together, or grading team to ensure strong competition.  It’s not an easy task by any means. To be Club President you need time and energy.  Like running any business you need to be aware of the clubs goals, constitution and legislation, be confident to run meetings and talk to many people.  Above all, the President needs to be a strong delegator and resist the temptation to take on all the work.  More than likely there are hundreds of people within a club that are happy to pitch in, even in a small capacity.  A strongly coordinated day with many volunteers knowing their individual role, makes every sports event run smoothly.

We are here to help committee members choose impressive medals to suit any budget

We would like to make your committee trophy organisation easy as choosing trophies for your presentation can be a daunting task.  There are so many options to choose from and you need to stick to a budget. These Antique Series Medals are a great cheap medal that look impressive.  A neck ribbon that can be matched to your club or school colours is included in the price.  Medals can be engraved on the back as required.  They have raised figures for that 3D look and feel.  The Antique look medals are 50mm and come in gold, silver and bronze.  Popular for junior sports or for school sports participation, these medals will be a hit at your next presentation.